7 Mar 2015. Climate Change March,London
20.000 people marched on the 8th of March 2015.

National governments spend trillions of dollars to maintain a military machine that globally possesses an estimated 16,300 nuclear weapons, consumes vast quantities of oil and diverts large amounts of resources, which could otherwise be used to address the issue of climate change.

As severe weather events increase, polar icecaps melt and permafrost thaws threatening the release of devastating methane gas, governments still persist in policies to encourage the further extraction and consumption of fossil fuels.

The consequences of climate change will lead to increased conflict as ecosystems collapse, countries scramble over increasingly restricted resources and populations flee the consequential impacts

To address the causes and consequences of climate change fundamental change will be required to change a system which accepts the logic of thousands of weapons of mass destruction and the continual consumption of fossil fuels which science has shown is leading down a path of environmental, social and economic destruction.