About Anger

One of the emotions I repressed as a child was Anger. Now, after years of self-healing, every time I feel Past Anger, I invite it in fully. I intend each […]

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When someone you love decides they don’t want to be part of your life anymore and a sudden Goodbye forever takes place, it hurts, it spins the soul and heart […]

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Anxiety keeps showing up for me as a big wolf circling around me about to bite at any point in time.I sit myself down to meditate and close my eyes […]

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What can you do?

What can you do? it…that you can do? You can wrap me up in stitchesShatter the stones around my woundsLet them bleed for they are no infinite fountainThey drain, they […]

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Childhood trauma

Until one realizes that emotional stuck energy has a physical impact on the body ( unexplainable/flaring up in a pattern symptoms like chronic pain, belly ache, headaches etc) and experiences […]

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