For most of the people around me who are also on a healing journey, what I am about to say is known and worked with. For the rest, I hope this aids in your own journey.

I am watching the series Once Upon a Time and I have just started Season 2. I am watching myself support the Evil Queen just like I did with all those I had been in a romantic relationship with, especially the ones whose pattern was shut down and being emotionally unavailable just like the Queen.

I see myself cheering for that inner vulnerability, inner “goodness”, faith, love, compassion and gratitude to show up and survive in the present and overcome the shutdown unavailable character that the Evil Queen shows up as. I cheer for the possibility, that wonderful possibility that would make me like the Queen more and bring some flow into this “relationship”.

Being in the category of “empaths”, I can see the other’s possibility, the bigger self, the present one, the one that can be without stories, just love. And that’s what I had been doing for a long time. I refused to see the reality in front of me no matter how many times the Universe sent me proofs and kept believing “something will change”.

We can all be trapped into that illusion and Hollywood keeps pushing it upon us again and again. Supporting someone to become the best version of themselves does not imply sacrificing myself for that story has run its course. It has to end. Just because I can see how big one can become, does not mean the other can or is willing to commit to that. I cannot play that game anymore. It ends here and now.

I welcome those who are committed to presence, love, gratitude, compassion, serving others, themselves and the world. I welcome those who are courageous to dive deep into the abandoned selves, the exiles, the demons and connect, acknowledge, hear, see, sense and be with them. I welcome those up for being of service, grounded and clear minded. I welcome those who see their humanity and take responsibility for who they are, for who they show up as. I welcome those who see fear as what it is, who see layers have to be shed, who are aware of the joy, beauty and immense power that is within us all.

I welcome you and I am grateful for those who are yet not up for presence and transformation as they can show me what else I have left to heal. Thank you for existing.