20 Oct 2013. Rosia Montana Protest, Cluj
On the 20th of October 2013, another protest against the Rosia Montana cyanide mining project took place in Cluj-Napoca. People gathered at 5 pm in the Union Square where they chanted once again “United we save Rosia Montana”. People held speeches about how important it is for the project not to start and came with placards which said “The future of your children” (followed by the image of a child wearing a gas mask inside the belly), “I want lilies in the lake not poison”, “Rosia Montana is your” and many other messages that ought to be read. The march from the square towards the railway station, on Horea street and towards the Prefecture lasted for about 3 hours in which people sang among others “If you care, get out of the house”. in front of the Prefecture, there was a small jazz concert after which people were asked to not obstruct the intersection anymore.

The mining project would use cyanide to mine 314 tons of gold from the historic site, according to data from Gabriel Resources Ltd., the Canadian company behind the project. The company says it has commitments to environment and cultural heritage issues and says the project is a ”world-class, long-term and sustainable investment,” while critics say the move will destroy historic villages and ancient gold mines.

Overall there are 12 demands among which the following:

– the Parliament’s Chambers – the Senate and the Deputy Chamber – reject through vote the law proposal;

– the Government will immediately reject through governmental decision the environmental permit for the Rosia Montana gold mine;

– Rosia Montana will be included on Romania’s Tentative List for UNESCO

– Cyanide use in mining will be strictly forbidden.

– The immediate resignation of the law proposal’s initiators: minister for big investments (Dan Şova), minister for the environment (Rovana Plumb), minister for culture (Daniel Barbu) and the director of Romania’s Agency for Mineral Resources (Gheorghe Duţu).

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